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When my dog got Otitis externa

Dog got Otitis externa

Otitis externa is inflammation of the external ear canal distal to tympanic membrane. Clinical signs can include any combination of headsharking, odor, pain on manipulation of the ear, exudate, and erythema. Causes of otitis externa are now defined as primary or secondary. Primary causes of otitis externa are those that create disease in normal ear. They can cause otitis externa without any other cause or factor and can be subtle. Primary factors alter the ear enviroment, which allows secondary infections to develop. The major primary causes of otitis externa are allergy, autoimmune, endocrine, epithelialization disorder, foreign bodies, glandular disorder, immune-mediated (eg, drug reactions), fungal, parasites, viral, and miscellaneous. Secondary causes are those that cause disease in and abnormal ear. These causes are relatively easy to eliminate and include bacteria, fungi, medication reactions, overcleaning, and yeast overgrowth.


All primary and secondary causes and predisposing factors need to be identified, managed, and treated. Management of pain or pruritus must be included in the initial treatment protocol. Owners should initially focus on administration of topical and/or systemic drugs. The duration of treatment may vary from 7-10 days to 30 days Most commercial topical products contain a combination of antibiotic/antifungal and glucocorticoids. The volume of ear canal in most dogs is 1 mL, and at least this volume twice daily.



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